What’s in it for you?

Twitter is the new “The Buzz”. Sometime last week, this idea was hailed the top trending topic in the world’s most popular microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact in real time.

Tweets overflowed about the latest news and information on one of tinseltown’s well-known sisters’ squabble while the President visited the wake of the said sisters’ father.

“The Buzz” used to be for more than a decade the primary source of showbiz news and was considered the forerunner of the talk show genre in the country before it went off the air.

We cannot generalize but a lot of people perceive the entertainment media as one which emphasizes the more sensational aspects and implications of the goings-on of show business. They simplify stories than reflect the complexity and will just focus on the wrongdoing and blame.

In the absence of the “The Buzz”, netizens through Twitter became the modern day juicy content creators, makers and providers for the showbiz savvy. People said they miss “The Buzz” in a time when only the blue bird serves as showbiz authority.

Some tune in to Twitter to satisfy their show buzz cravings. Do we still hold the record of the most used hashtag on Twitter in 24 hours?

Hashtags rule and they show how many people and how much they respond to issues from personal to national to foreign and from political to entertainment, via trends and tweets. Others joined the call for the revival of the said debunked showbiz oriented talk show that dwell with the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

Netizens have identified themselves with both sides of the long personal and family struggle among the siblings. They participated to the weighing of the issues that surround the lives of both the perceived protagonists and antagonists of this plot.

They all had given their take on the matter and some have given their two cents worth of the developing “drama”. I also saw a post that reads: “Is there a way to filter newsfeeds? I had enough dose of the family feud.”

From those unfolding events, one may ask: How are we going to handle rumors and gossip? How are we going to help stop spreading rumors and gossip, and not to patronize the herald of lies in the guise of social media?

Communication experts tell us that the best way to handle it is not to dwell on it and just ignore both the rumor and the bearer of fake news.

By not paying attention to the nasty gossip, the one who started it will appear to be the butt of joke. Chances are he will stop when you act like the rumor is not worth your while. A good way to react to a rumor is as if it does not affect or bother you at all.

To stay away from gossip, avoid the kinds of people who spread mean rumors. More often than not, these people are sad and desperate. They will not be happy if they will not spread hurtful gossip about someone else.

It’s better not to belong to a group of people who find enjoyment from hurting others. Cliché as is it may sound, birds of the same feather flock together. Gossip is a double bladed weapon. If we invite gossip about other people we also encourage rumors about ourselves to be the talk-of-the town, someday and somehow.

Halt the rumor in its tracks and do not pass the wrong message along. When in doubt, press the empathy button. Simply put, have the “ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. If you are the subject of a gossip, wouldn’t that make you feel lonesome and deceived?

Never start gossips intentionally or accidentally. Most of the time, the gossip you hear is entirely sham. What can you gain from spreading juicy gossip that can hurt someone’s feelings? What’s in it for you?

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*Alex Rosete is a certified life coach and is part of a coaching community called Life Coach Philippines. He is also a teacher, trainer and consultant on communication, human resources management and public administration.