The end is near for Duterte

Akbayan Partylist is not surprised by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque’s recent remarks that the Duterte administration would not cooperate with any investigation conducted by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The Roque who once lobbied for the Philippines’ inclusion in the ICC and even praised the previous administration for ratifying the Rome Statute, is the same Roque who refuses to recognize its jurisdiction now in pathetic loyalty to his master.

Do we expect anything less from criminals against humanity?

The ICC has jurisdiction over Duterte’s systemic summary killings as crimes against humanity from 2016 to 2019.

And they can still hold him accountable for since the Philippines was still a member of the ICC when he committed these crimes.

Walang takas, kahit sinubukan nilang tumakas.

Ganyan ang galawang kriminal.

Like the true criminals and murderers that they are, we expect them not to cooperate.

Their non-cooperation actually bolsters the perception of their guilt.

The Duterte administration once said that people should not fear the law if they have nothing to hide.

Now, it is clear that Mr. Rodrigo Duterte and his minions can’t take their own advice.

Thousands of hopes and dreams have been extinguished by this bloody regime, and these are mostly the poor, the marginalized, and the defenseless – the very people Mr. Duterte said he wanted to help.

And now, as the bloodbath comes to light, justice will soon find its way.

The ICC’s application to the pre-trial chamber (PTC) sends a clear signal that the international community will not take this sitting down.

Mr. Duterte and his enablers will face pressure from other democratic nations, and contend with the very real possibility of arrest and imprisonment for their murderous words and actions, even after they step down from office.

As the ICC Office of the Prosecutor seeks authorization to open an investigation into the alleged crimes against humanity committed by Mr. Duterte, we expect him to hasten his political continuity project, as he seeks to avoid justice and install a puppet who he can manipulate from behind the scenes beyond 2022.

But Mr. Duterte is running out of time. Sooner or later, this administration will be held to account.

The end is near for Mr. Duterte. History and justice will always catch up with a tyrant.