Chester, Dan, KVN, RJZON

As music lovers, Filipinos are always scouting for fresh tunes that echo personal experiences, arouse vivid memories, or just generally make them feel a certain kind of way.

If you’re one of those who are craving for a new dose of nostalgia and soppiness, ABS-CBN’s Old School Records is here to assist. With its nonstop music production, the label not only serves as a blast from the past sonically, but also conjures up sincere ‘feels’ and empathetic sentiments for listeners to jam, emote, or even cry to.

Settle your love scenario by checking out these new singles from Chester, Dan Delgado, KVN, and RJZON:

1. “Dating Atin” by Chester

A talent discovery from kumu, former band vocalist Chester crosses the recording scene threshold with his ‘80s-nostalgia-filled debut single “Dating Atin,” about recalling the good times and pain one experienced with an old flame. Notable in the song’s overall sound is the integration of Chiptune, which will surely entice old video game enthusiasts. “Dating Atin,” written and composed by Old School Records’ label head KIKX Salazar, also jogs one’s memory back to city lights and sunsets—all while reeling in those who feel frustrated over letting go of a past lover.

2. “’Di Mo Alam” by Dan Delgado

After being one of “It’s Showtime’s” “BidaMan” finalists, Dan Delgado is ready to take his place in the music industry with “’Di Mo Alam,” a funky jam about being secretly smitten by a special someone that effortlessly quenches one’s thirst for ‘80s OPM. Penned by KIKX five years ago, the retro track’s vibe is similar to that of no less than “Mr. Pure Energy” Gary V’s dance hits—a fitting debut single for a total performer like Dan who also excels at dancing.

3. “Bat Tayo Tanga” by KVN

A concept that many people are perhaps much acquainted with but will never fully understand—love’s intricacies—is the core of KVN’s new single which the “Magandang Dilag” featured artist himself wrote. Reminiscent of the 2000s pop/R&B era, “Bat Tayo Tanga” was composed and produced by KIKX and seeks to answer the universal question of why regardless of the complications brought forth by love, it’s still arguably the source of most people’s joy.

4. “Sana Bukas Na Lang” by RJZON

“What if you only have at least one last night to spend with the person that you love, what would you do?”

This all too familiar question is explored in RJZON’s sophomore single “Sana Bukas Na Lang,” which serves as a nod to well-loved ‘90s ballads, also written and composed by KIKX. The first few notes of the song’s piano accompaniment already denotes a plaintive theme, but RJZON’s tender yet powerful vocal performance seals the deal. Watch out for more of the pop/R&B singer as his upcoming self-titled EP, which will include this song, comes out soon.

Let Chester, Dan, KVN, and RJZON accompany your senti nights by listening to their singles “Dating Atin,” “’Di Mo Alam,” “Bat Tayo Tanga,” and “Sana Bukas Na Lang” on various digital music streaming services. For more details, follow Old School Records on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.