QC launches online legal assistance program amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Quezon City local government has launched its online legal assistance program to assist residents in need of legal resources, documents, and access to the city’s ordinances amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Even during this pandemic, many of our residents need legal aid — from drafting legal and business forms and contracts, to understanding legal documents,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said of the Quezon City Online Legal Assistance.

The lady Mayor likened the program, conducted in partnership with online legal resource MyLegalWhiz, to a virtual lawyer ready to provide legal knowledge and assistance anytime.

The program provides free 500 credits to residents of all barangays who will sign up on the website. These credits can then be used to access case summaries, drafts of legal documents, and ordinances.

The website also features Legal Engineer Assistant or LEA which is a digital research assistant that can assist the user in drafting documents. It can also refer residents to an attorney if they need one.

“We welcome this program as an extension of the Office of the City Mayor and the City Legal Department in helping address the legal needs of our residents,” City Attorney Nino Casimiro said.

Atty. Joseph Dexter Feliciano, the man behind MyLegalWhiz, said that the website will also offer general knowledge on COVID-19.

“We know the people need reliable reference during this pandemic. Apart from providing the legal forms, we decided to put COVID-related information as well,” Feliciano said.

Interested residents may access the free legal assistance through the website, www.credits.mylegalwhiz.com.

During her time as Vice Mayor in 2018, Belmonte launched a similar program entitled “Batas QC” program, the first mobile application on local ordinances to spread awareness about the regulations and penalties of local laws.