QC gov’t suspends processing of PWD IDs as culprit behind the issuance of cards to well-off family identified

The Quezon City government will suspend the processing of Persons with Disability (PWD) identification cards tomorrow until Friday to craft new guidelines to eliminate abuse.

“We will use the two days to come up with the needed safeguards to ensure that only those deserving get the PWD cards,” said Mayor Joy Belmonte.

“Our protocols will be revisited and needed controls will be placed so the system will not be abused by greedy and opportunistic individuals,” she added.

The lady Mayor earlier ordered an investigation into the reported issuance of PWD ID cards to unqualified individuals after receiving a report that six immediate members of a well-off family managed to acquire the said cards in 2018 without submitting any of the mandatory requirements.

The six were issued PWD ID cards despite not being qualified under Republic Act No. 10754 or An Act Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of Persons with Disability (PWD). Allegedly, they paid P2,000 each for the said cards.

Belmonte revealed that the culprit behind the issuance of PWD ID cards to the six was already identified and will be given a show-cause order on Thursday.

“The person behind the issuance of the ID card will be given 72 hours to explain why he shouldn’t be held administratively and criminally liable,” said City Attorney Nino Casimiro.

Casimiro said the employee could face a grave misconduct case, which merits a penalty of dismissal from service.