MRT-3 reschedules weekend suspension of operations

Upon recommendation of maintenance provider Sumitomo-MHI-TESP, the MRT-3 will reschedule its weekend suspension of operations for rail replacement works from August to September to October to November 2020.

According to Sumitomo-MHI-TESP, this is due to travel restrictions being imposed by countries to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

From August 8-9, August 21-23, and September 12-13, the suspended weekend operations will be moved to October 10-11, October 31, November 1-2 and November 14-15.

Sumitomo-MHI-TESP assures that this re-scheduling will not affect the target completion of the rail replacement by the end of September 2020, and the increase of train speed to 40kph on October, 50kph by November and 60kph by December 2020.

Rail replacement works to be done during the weekend suspension include turnout works for both the southbound and northbound tracks at North Avenue and Taft Avenue stations.

Turnouts are used to enable trains to switch from one track to another.

The weekend suspension of operations will also enable Sumitomo-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the service provider for MRT-3’s comprehensive rehabilitation, to perform rail destressing, rerailing, turnouts replacement, resurfacing, rail profile grinding, ballasting and tamping, and other major works for MRT-3’s trains, electrical systems, and other subsystems.