Morissette Amon nagpaalam sa ‘Valentine’

Bago ang Valentine’s day, namaalam si Morissette Amon sa kanyang ‘forever first Valentine’ — ang fur friend niyang si Adam.

Sa Instagram, shinare ng singer na namayapa na ang kanyang golden retriever na si Adam noong February 2.

Pinanganak noong February 14, 2006 si Adam at 11th birthday present sa parents.

“My very first and original baby and love. Back in Cebu, he was one of our first #GoldenRetriever, our late Charm’s first litter or puppies and he stood out so much from his siblings that I fought so hard that he wouldn’t get sold.

“My forever first Valentine, I can’t deny that my heart is broken again. You were such a good boy and loved all of us unconditionally, and never forgot any of us especially when we came to visit,” sey niya.

Nag-sorry din si Morisette dahil wala siya ng namayapa si Adam.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be there one last time, but I’m also so happy I got to see you virtually and that you got to hear me and recognized my voice when mama put you on video call.

“I love you so much, my baby.”