Mental Health Care on COVID-19 Crisis

Mental Health CareIn the coming days and weeks, fear and anxiety will likely increase as our lives continue to be disrupted and social distancing becomes necessary brought by COVID-19 crisis.

Widespread social distancing means that more people are in need of support for anxiety and depression, and that more of those resources are harder to access in person.

The past several weeks, though, have wrought a change in the national mental health care landscape — a big shift of services and social safety nets from face-to-face meetings to virtual ones.

A lot of people who might not have previously felt a need for mental health services are now finding themselves unsure of how to deal with the increased anxiety, uncertainty, and isolation this pandemic has brought.

As a society, we must work together with a sense of empathy. As individuals, we must inform ourselves of the facts, stay connected to the people we love and be kind to each other.

As an organization, the employees’ mental health and well-being are primary concerns during these trying times.

Think about mental health as part of the HR and your organization’s health response if your employees feel:

1) being unusually irritable or uneasy
2) having difficulty concentrating
3) an inability to carry out tasks that are considered reasonable and achievable
4) being unusually ‘on edge’ and restless
5) excessive fear about certain situations
6) being ‘on edge’ and restless
7) increasingly worried and easily afraid, highly emotional, irrational or distracted

These present conditions are actually good ones for finding/accessing to mental health care through virtual counseling and therapy.

The company can avail of our on-line sessions to help your employees manage the stress and anxiety in our current pandemic situation.

You can sign up and share your experiences during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and learn how to build emotional resilience.

For Online Counseling, call or message:
Dr. Flor M. Glinoga, Clinical Psychologist
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