Liham ukol sa CoViD-19, lumaganap

Isang grupo na kilala bilang “A Network for Grateful Living” ay nagpapalaganap ng isang liham ukol sa pagtanggap sa hamon ng CoViD-19 at sa mga pangyayari sa makabagong panahon, at sa pagkakaroon ng kakaibang pananaw ukol rito.

Narito ang kanilang liham:

“Dear Friend, Times of great uncertainty serve as wake-up calls in our lives, inviting us to lean into whatever is awoken, curious and compassionate about what wants to emerge. We deepen trust as we explore moments we may have never imagined, with perspectives we never expected to hold. This is the birthplace of compassion, creativity, action, and transformation. In disorienting moments, gratefulness is an orientation to life that can help us remember and return to what matters most, bringing resilience, well-being, and peace. Explore deep connection in a time of distancing, healing in a time of upheaval, and abundance in a time of contraction. May you discover the nourishment of what is certain in the midst of uncertainty. From our hearts to yours, Your Gratefulness Team”

Ano ang masasabi mo rito, Ka-Chos!?