There is now a greater focus on customer service culture of organization:

– The focus changes from being product driven to being customer driven

– Customer Service has now become the main differentiating factor What are some of the things an organization can do to cause a lasting change in its customer service culture?

There are a few key steps you can take to develop and implement a customer service culture:

1. Shift to a Customer Centric Focus – A key to becoming customer centric is to help the customer achieve a goal, solve a problem, or satisfy a need.

– First, know the customer by segment based upon common characteristics. The key theme is that each customer has a specific set of needs.

And, each customer deserves an “appropriate” level of attention (responsiveness, telephone-time, meeting-time, etc.), but not every customer deserves the “same” level of attention.

– Second, use the “Voice of the Customer” strategy to listen and respond to your customers. Listening requires that you not only internalize what is heard, but also respond.

A complete Voice of the Customer strategy includes continuously obtaining and analyzing customer input from every touch-point that a customer can have with your firm.

– And, finally, align your people and organization structure, processes, technology, products and services to the customer.

2. Ensure Changes in Your Customer Service Culture – If we accept the fact that the quick-fix solutions will not work, what methods of implementing change can be utilized that will indeed result in cultural changes in a company?

– First, make sure everyone in the organization know that customer service is serious business to the company. Management must take customer service very seriously.

Remember that employees observe management and how it supports this culture.

They will act accordingly.

– Second, emphasize the beliefs and principles of customer service in whatever medium of communications i.e. website, meetings, correspondences, interviews, to welcome sessions, to training, through indoctrination, customer service must be stressed. Discussions of the quest for customer service should be second-nature when meetings occur.

The staff should be sincerely commended when he report that he had done something for a customer.

– And, finally, deftly handle customer complaints by establishing a Complaint Management System that effectively and satisfactorily resolves customer complaints.

Addressing customer complaints is a key part of nailing down that sterling customer service image.

*Dr. Flor Glinoga is the President of Altabest Management Services, a corporate training services provider. She is an internationally recognized Management and HRD Consultant.

With a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Development Management, Dr. Glinoga has a wealth of knowledge about individual, group, and organizational behavior.

For the past 36 years, she has engaged individuals and organizations in the change process to increase their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness to include HR Services, strategic business plan programs, develop leadership skills, and build self-mastery.