Flower Stores list Araneta Garden

For those planning to visit the cemetery this All Souls Day, the Farmers Garden in Araneta City is a convenient option for buying the best and freshest arranged flowers for your dearly departed.

The closure of memorial parks and columbariums nationwide as a measure against COVID-19 this Undas may have changed our usual schedule in visiting our deceased. But it won’t stop us from paying a visit once granted by the government.

What flower should you buy for your departed loved ones? Our Farmers Garden lessees offer the following suggestions.

Japanese Spray Mums 

The Ester Flowers and El Dorado Farm suggest Japanese Spray Mums for the dead because, universally, it symbolizes sympathy. But different parts of the world have distinct meanings for this flower: it is a symbol of life and rebirth in Asia, while it symbolizes longevity and optimism in the US.

The El Dorado Farms has a variety of colors to choose from: money white, money yellow, deco pink, deco purple, deco yellow, and deco red. You can buy a bunch of 12 stems for only Php 350.

This flower is a great combination to flower arrangements as it’s sleek, easy to handle, and pair. For more information on Japanese Spray Mums, contact Ms. Riza Pinpinio at 09178395332.


For Bong’s Bloom and Balloons, lilies symbolize the soul of the departed and the hope offered by the healing process. Store owner Ferdinand Batol recommends giving white and/or pink lilies for faith and spirituality.

The Holy Bible mentions lilies 15 times in different verses. According to Bloomsdayreview.com, it has long been connected to the Savior, signifying Christ’s purity from sin, the sweetness of His ministry to humanity, and the fecundity of the fruits of His preaching.

A bouquet of lilies is worth Php. 1,200. Contact Mr. Batol at 02-6233875 and 09159604324.


Mignorette Flower Shop and Rina’s suggest that you buy tail flowers or anthuriums.

A red anthurium conveys love and passion. A white one means innocence and purity fit for lost sons and daughters. Pink reflects compassion and motherly love, which is perfect for departed moms and grandmothers.

A stand of anthuriums can range from Php 3,000 to 6,000. Request for a personalized set at Mignorette Flower Shop and contact them at 09156725327 or 09167764774.

Rina’s can be reached at 09498229178.


Orchids speak an everlasting love and a one of kind compassion for the deceased. The graceful presence of an orchid resonates with peace and calmness. This aura helps one to heal and find solace. Giving orchids to someone also expresses sympathy for those left behind by the departed.

Graceliana’s Plants and Garden recommends any color of orchids, priced at Php 200 per bunch. Ask them about the best color of the orchid to give your loved ones. Contact them at 09199764171.


Often used for wreaths due to their bright colors, carnations are a must for the dead because of its close resemblance to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s tears.

Pokwang’s Flower Shop shared that carnations exude beauty and warmth that the dead need in their journey to the afterlife. It is also an art to craft carnations for different flower arrangements and pairs it with other significant ethereal plants.

Contact Pokwang’s Flower Shop at 09062882984.


A universal symbol of love, rose is a beautiful present not only for the living but also for the departed. It exudes the essence of compassion and empathy. Its variety of colors also gives a lot of meaning and messages for our loved ones.

Speaking Roses recommends giving red roses to the dead to show love and grief. Like lilies, white roses mean innocence and purity. Consider giving yellow roses to your departed friend as this symbolizes warmth, friendship, and belongingness.

They do not suggest light pink roses for the dead, but they can give you a specific dark shade if pink for your special departed. Reach out to Speaking Roses via 09565225777.


One can also give other flowers like tulips, gladiolis, hyacinths, magnolias, hibiscus and many more for your selection. Visit Farmers Garden along General MacArthur Ave. in Araneta City to personally check out your options, or contact the following stores:

You may also join the ‘Farmers Market & Garden PH’ Viber community and communicate with any store online.