Employers must pay salaries of unvaccinated employees not allowed to work — Bello

Labor Secretary Silvestre “Bebot” Bello III warned employers that the labor department will issue an order for those who will not let their employees report to work just because they are not vaccinated.

In a virtual briefing, Bello reiterated his advisory that unvaccinated workers should still be able to go to work and should not be discriminated against.

He also encouraged the workers to be vaccinated and not to be afraid, saying the vaccines are harmless and that it is not mandatory but it is necessary.

DOLE will be issuing the order for the employers who won’t let their employees go to work, for them to pay the salaries of their unvaccinated workers.

“There is no legal basis for the employers to compel their workers to be vaccinated… in fact it’s a violation of freedom of choice… as guaranteed by the Constitution… in fact it is an illegal policy,” Bello said.

The Labor chief also assured that workers can report to DOLE, through Hotline 1349 if their employers discriminate against them so the Department can impose administrative sanctions.

“We will issue a compliance order, a compliance order for them to allow the workers to report to office, ‘pag hindi sumunod then we will tell them: ‘okay, ayaw mo papasukin, as far as DOLE is concerned, they are present, they should be paid. Iyan ang magiging disciplinary action namin diyan,” Bello warned.

He added, they will talk to the employers and will request for them to let them work, otherwise the latter should pay them or give them their salaries.