Dotty and Subzylla drop new hip-hop track “Talk About”

Young rapper Dotty unleashes his incisive rap verses in the new hip-hop track “talk about,” his latest collaboration with Tarsier Records producer Subzylla about successfully getting to know someone in the middle of the pandemic.

“Nowadays, online virtual dating is so bland where you can never really understand and get to know a person,” said Dotty. “The song essentially offers the idea that it’s possible—sort of like a celebration of successfully getting to know someone.”

The 19-year-old artist penned the fun, roll-off-the-tongue lyrics of “talk about,” a love track that derived its romantic theme from Subzylla’s catchy beats.

Speaking about the song’s production, Subzylla has nothing but praises for his collaborator Dotty. He said, “It’s always nice to work with Dotty because he knows what he wants and has a vision for his music. He’s constantly evolving and growing, so it’s cool to witness.”   

Before working on “talk about,” the two first united for the track “regardless” in 2020, marking Dotty’s debut release under Tarsier Records. They are set to drop another project together soon.

Prior to joining the ABS-CBN Music label, ‘bedroom musician’ Dotty was known as marc and released music independently—including his 2020 EP “poster boy” and his most successful single to date, “smoke break.”

Meanwhile, Subzylla has previously released electronic tracks such as “The Mountain,” “Nostalgia,” and a remix of Moophs’ “O.M.W” featuring Inigo Pascual. He has worked with a string of young artists giving his flair and style to each track, recently collaborating with YUZON for the house track “Simulation” and with Kyler for “Lust.”  

Be motivated to get to know someone better by streaming Dotty and Subzylla’s “talk about,” out now on various digital music platforms. For more details, follow Tarsier Records on Facebook (, and on Instagram and Twitter (@tarsierrecords).