DoTR, LTFRB suspends mandatory use of beep cards

We are saddened by the refusal of AF Payments, Inc., the provider of the automatic fare collection system (AFCS) at the EDSA Busway, to waive the cost of the beep card despite consistent pleas made by the government.

This would have made a big difference to the commuters, mostly daily wage earners who are the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, starting Monday, 05 October 2020, we are suspending the mandatory use beep cards at the EDSA Busway until the issue is resolved.

In the meantime, a dual payment system will be honored for EDSA Busway passengers.

Those who have already bought or have existing beep cards may still use them for the payment of fares.

Meanwhile, off board cash payment will be accomodated for those who have no card yet.

Cash payments will be collected by personnel from the EDSA Bus Consortia at the stations.

These personnel will be wearing appropriate face shields, face masks, and gloves to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 Meanwhile, the EDSA Bus Consortia stated that they will look for another AFCS provider who can offer a better solution to the existing problem.

Meeting with other AFCS providers is scheduled on Tuesday morning.