Curfew ipinatupad sa Lapu-lapu City laban sa COVID-19 outbreak

Lapu-lapu City curfewNagpatupad ng mga alituntunin ang pamahalaang panglungsod ng Lapu-lapu para maiwasan ang pagkalat ng coronavirus.

Bilang hakbang ay nag-isyu si Lapu-lapu City Mayor Junard Chan n ng Executive Order No. 2020 – 39.

Narito ang isinasaad ng EO 2020-39 upang maiwasan ang paglaganap ng CoVid-19

1. No one can do karaoke in public places.

2. Internet Cafes must close at 8pm and must provide alcohol or sanitizer and required to sanitize their computer equipment every 6 hours. Strictly regulate the use of internet cafes for research, create projects, online exams required by schools for suspending classes. Online games and video streaming are currently prohibited.

3. All casinos or gambling establishments in the city must be closed by 8pm.

4. All residents of Lapu-Lapu City, child or adult, must follow the curfew beginning at 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Employees are exempted as long as they can provide their company ID or certification from the employer.

5. Drinking alcoholic beverages in public places or in convenience stores are prohibited.

6. All registered cockpits should be closed. If anyone violates this order, the business permit can be revoked.