Brian McKnight Jr.’s “Marry your daughter” gets new spin

American singer-songwriter Brian McKnight Jr. has come up with a new version of his breakout hit “Marry Your Daughter,” to be released under Tarsier Records this Friday (June 26) as the music label’s maiden venture to becoming a gateway for international artists to the Philippines.

“This song literally changed my life,” Brian shared on Instagram. “To everyone, all over the world, and especially my people in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Africa, I’m more thankful than you know for turning a demo that was leaked, into a breakout hit overseas.”

Brian re-recorded the timeless “Marry Your Daughter” track and it was given a fresh spin by Tarsier Records’ founder and producer Moophs—who made sure to capture Brian’s electrosoul sound in the final product.

This project sets in motion the new venture of ABS-CBN Music, through Tarsier Records, to bring in international talents and music to the country, aside from championing Filipino artists to the global stage.

“Marry Your Daughter,” a one-take recording by Brian and his brother Niko about a man facing his future father-in-law for approval, went on to be a viral hit in places like Guam, Indonesia, and the Philippines between 2008 and 2009.  A few years later, the two independently released a mastered version of the song in digital streaming platforms, which as of writing has gathered over 16 million streams on Spotify and continues to be in the Top 200 charts of iTunes in the Philippines.

The son of 16-time Grammy nominee Brian McKnight Sr., Brian Jr. has released three EPs since the success of “Marry Your Daughter,” namely “If We Survive,” “JeepMusikVol.1,” and “Junior.” He dropped his first-ever LP in April of this year, “919soul,” a 13-track album which boasts of ‘90s hip-hop sound combined with modern-day electrosoul.

Pre-save the new version of “Marry Your Daughter” on and watch out for its release on digital platforms this Friday (June 26). For the latest on Brian, like Tarsier Records on Facebook (, and follow it on Twitter and Instagram (@tarsierrecords).