Are you trying to get that outdoor lifestyle going? Check out this quick weekend getaway experience near the metro!

Last weekend, we had the chance to test the trails going to Mount Balagbag. I should say, the trail changes constantly, like one day it’s easy and then after some time, it’s hard.

You can consider this mountain as your starting point if you’re trying out or figuring out how it feels to hike. It’s like a 3/10 difficulty considering that it’s not that long and tiring, but it will surely hit you like “Oh, that hike was tiring, but all worth it”.

Whether hiking or testing out your 4×4 rigs, Mount Balagbag will surely max out your strengths and your will to finish the trail on a day hike or overnight camping trip.

There are two ways to reach the summit, one is through hiking and the other if you have the comfort of an off-road ready vehicle. Now, if you’re commuting from Manila, there are buses in EDSA Cubao going to Tungko, Bulacan, the fare is usually 50 pesos or more, and then, once you reached Tungko, there are jeeps going to Licao-Licao, the fare is around 30 pesos.

Once you reached Licao-Licao you can hire a motorcycle or Habal-habal going to Sitio Balagbag, but this is optional because you can already start hiking at Licao-Licao already.

Guides going to Sitio Balagbag is also optional because you can just ask the locals for directions, and also, Sitio Balagbag is already mapped by Waze.

Now, upon reaching the Barangay Hall, there’s an entrance fee of 10 pesos, after that once you reached the registration area near the summit, you’ll have to pay 30 pesos for your overnight fee in the summit. During our visit, we had the chance to test out our 4×4 rigs, the fee is 100 pesos for the car including the driver, and then the regular fee for the passengers.

There’s a lot of space for your campsite, the spot right before the helipad, and the helipad itself. Both spots will give you the relaxing view of the city lights at night, the view where stress is far away from you and sunrise when the morning comes, all in all, Mount Balagbag will serve as your neighborhood hiking spot for that quick getaway from the stress of the city.

Getting away from stress or having a quick getaway with your friends, Mount Balagbag will give you that refreshment that you are looking for, not to mention that picturesque sunset that you’ll witness at the summit  A little advice from Chos.Ph, plan your trips ahead of time, check the weather conditions, pack your gears well, and don’t forget to clean up after.