Akbayan to Malacañang: Apologize to Hidilyn for ouster matrix

We demand a formal apology from Malacanang for slandering Hidilyn Diaz with their fake ouster matrix in 2019.

The hypocrisy of the Duterte administration and its enablers is once again on full display.

Moments after Hidilyn Diaz won the country’s first ever Olympic gold medal, Spokesperson Harry Roque was quick to heap praises and congratulations on Diaz.

Roque went so far as to deny the very existence of the matrix itself. “Wala pong ibinintang na kahit anong ibinintang kay Hidilyn Diaz,” he says. Mr. Roque, the internet is forever.

The matrix was presented by Sal Panelo in 2019, and according to him, it was on Duterte’s orders.

Panelo also said that he did not know the sources used to create the matrix.

This is classic Duterte incompetence, and governance by intimidation. This is not the first time they have done this.

They have tried to pin various false charges on opposition figures and critics before.

Accusations without proof are rumors at best, and lies at worst.

And if they can’t even cite their sources, then it’s nothing more than an attempt to distract and divide the country.

This is the stuff that liars and incompetent people are made of.

They create phantom enemies and sow a climate of fear because the simple reality is they are no good at their jobs.

And when the truth comes back to bite them, they distance themselves from the abuse they create and act like nothing ever happened. Huli na pero nagsisinungaling pa.

Hidilyn Diaz deserves so much more than an apology, and even that won’t make up for all the harassment and victimization.

But it is the least, and most basic thing to do. And even now, this government can’t even manage that.