31st MatchSci Week slated Oct. 14-18

The University of the Philippines Los Baños Mathematical Sciences Society (UPLB MASS) proudly brings you the 31st Mathematical Sciences Week (MathSci Week) themed “Smart Solutions: Enhancing Risk Reduction Management to Build a More Disaster-Resilient Nation”.

This is an annual event of the society composed of a week-long celebration of knowledge and academic excellence slated Oct. 14-18, 2019.

Part of the 31st MathSci Week is the 32nd Southern Tagalog Invitational Mathematical Challenge (MATHEMATCH), which will be held on Oct. 14 at the Mathematics Building at the UPLB.

This is a Mathematics Quiz Contest for Junior and Senior High School students from schools in the CALABARZON and MIMAROPA region endorsed by the Department of Education Region IV-A and B, as well as the Office of the President.

Also, the Annual Search for the UPLB Math Wizard will be held on Oct. 17 at Math Building Lecture Hall of UPLB. The winner will compete in UP Diliman for the Annual Nationwide Search for the Math Wizard.

During this week-long event, different activities such as Puzzle of the day and Puzzle of the week, Teachers’ Seminar and Poster Making Contest, and Research Convention will be conducted. An exhibit at the Math Building Lobby will also be displayed showcasing this year’s theme.

For more information, you may contact Rojhun O. Macalinao, the Vice President for Scholastic Division at execsec@uplbmass.org/ +639 267 482 692.

The UPLB MASS was established in 1973 and has been one of the duly recognized academic organizations at UPLB since then. For more than 40 years, the UPLB MASS, a recognized Youth-Serving Organization (School-Based) by the National Youth Commission, upholds its goals of contributing to the development of the Filipino Nation by cultivating deeper appreciation and wider application of Mathematical Sciences. The society continues to inspire and promote the beauty of mathematics through its different activities.