12 sign you’re falling in love according to “The Boy Foretold by the Stars” movie and series

Do you believe in having a soulmate that you are destined to be with? Then the movie “The Boy Foretold by the Stars” and its sequel series “Love Beneath the Stars,” which are both currently streaming for free on iWantTFC, are for you! In it, Adrian Lindayag and Keann Johnson search for all possible signs that prove they are meant to be together. Very relatable, right?

The idea of fate plays a big part in the romance of the two leads, Dominic (Adrian) and Luke (Keann), who meet at a Catholic all-boys’ school retreat. Dominic hires a fortune teller to help him find the boy he’s destined to love, while Luke believes “everything happens for a reason” and makes life decisions with a coin toss.

From their ultimate ‘kilig’ scenes that started with their innocent first meeting and late night conversations, Dominic and Luke’s love story is slowly maturing right before our very eyes.

If you’re just like Dominic and Luke, we’ve listed down the “signs” that prove you are indeed ready to risk it all for love:

1.    You stay up late and chat for hours on end

Dominic and Luke’s love story thrived during this stage as they talked until the wee hours of the night, quickly countered each other’s playful remarks, and grew comfortable enough to share the weirdest things about themselves (oh the thrill of young love!).

2.    You continuously ask for signs to confirm they are your soulmate 

“This is a sign! We’re meant to be!” is a common theme for Dominic as he convinces himself that the universe is conniving to bring him and Luke together, believing that the two of them are truly a match made in heaven.

Dominic heavily relies on the three signs given to him by the fortune teller about his soulmate, leading him to connect these signs to every little detail about his relationship with Luke.

3.    You try to get to know them through heart-to-heart conversations

A heart-to-heart conversation one night (when Luke literally offered Dominic a shoulder to cry on) strengthened Dominic and Luke’s relationship. From then on, Dominic served as Luke’s inspiration to study harder, they wanted to be in each other’s company as much as possible, and Luke even took Dominic to his secret special hideout.

4.     You become in denial of your feelings

Luke constantly struggled with his emotions and identity throughout the movie. That is why when his straight friends started picking on him for hanging out with Dominic, Luke tried to suppress his feelings and eventually avoided Dominic at all costs.

5.    You willingly defend the person you love

Luke took a leap of faith when he decided to stand up for Dominic, who was getting bullied for being gay. In front of their entire batch, Luke defended Dominic and got into a fist fight with one of his best friends.

At that point, Luke didn’t care about what his schoolmates would think of him and was brave enough to literally fight for his relationship with Dominic.

6.     You choose to sacrifice your own happiness

“I love him, and that’s why I needed to let him go. And so I did. Ang sakit nun,” were the words uttered by Karen (Rissey Reyes), Luke’s girlfriend of three years, when she opened up to Dominic about why they broke up and her desire to get back with him again.

Karen’s message to Dominic must’ve left a lasting impression on him as he decided to help her with her promposal for Luke. By doing this, Dominic set aside his own happiness for the sake of Luke’s.

7.     You disregard the “signs” and decide the fate of your relationship

Luke grew courageous to follow his heart and fight for his love when he made an effort to apologize to Dominic for ignoring him, which eventually led to him declaring his true feelings and ended up kissing Dominic for the first time.

Another instance was the heart-tugging scene when Luke finally decided to ignore his coin toss gimmick and make a decision for himself when he admitted to Dominic that he loves him.

8.     You ignore the naysayers

As Dominic and Luke’s love story progresses in the series, viewers will witness a much more mature relationship between the two, wherein they’re not afraid of what other people will say despite their PDA moments.

Aside from them becoming more brave to hold hands in public, Dominic and Luke put their love for one another on full display when they locked lips at their graduation ball in “Love Beneath the Stars.”

9.    You get jealous of their relationship with others

Dominic and Luke deal with jealousy as their feelings become more serious. Although they have yet to inform their friends that they are already a couple, the jealousy begins as Dominic’s childhood friend Gio (Vaughn Piczon) enters the picture.

10.  You show your love through grand gestures

Luke’s romantic promposal for Dominic in “Love Beneath the stars” was truly a magical moment – he serenaded Dominic, it was set at their secret special location, and Luke even got down on his knees as he professed his love.

More than those cute details, what really stands out is how Luke made an effort to show his commitment to Dominic. “I know I may get lost sometimes, but I just want you to know that I will always, always, come back to you,” Luke declared.

11. You start to think about your future together

Even though their relationship is still young, Luke and Dominic have already started thinking about their future together and continue to turn to their trusted fortune teller for guidance. For Luke, he was unsure of whether he wanted to drag Dominic into his problems after his coach told him to be cautious of their relationship and focus on getting a college scholarship instead. As for Dominic, he grew worried for Luke’s well-being when he didn’t hear from him for a few days and wanted reassurance that they will help one another with their problems and fix their relationship no matter what.

12. You proudly introduce them as your partner

After being unsure of their romantic status, Luke and Dominic finally took their relationship to the next level when Luke grabbed Dominic’s hand and did not hesitate to introduce him to his mom as his boyfriend.

At first, they were both hesitant to declare their relationship out of fear of being reprimanded but now they are willing to be proud of the love that they have as a couple.

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